“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mohandas Gandhi

We are dedicated to saving baby cows from the dairy and meat industry, to live out the rest of their lives happy loved and safe.

Millie’s story

In Panama the meat cows still are free range. This mother and baby were separated in the mountains when the baby fell into a deep crevice and couldn’t free herself. After hours of her mother crying for her the herd moved on and left little “Milagro” (Miracle in Spanish) on her own. For many days she struggled as the coyotes tried to get at her with no food or water she hung on.

A friend of ours was out on a hike and stumbled upon her. She was a mess. Skin and bones and covered in soars from her struggle. She was brought down the mountainside on the back of a horse and her amazing rescue was well on its way. We went to see her and knew immediately this little nugget needed us.

We bought her from the farmers wife and bottle fed her for the first 2 weeks. Her wounds slowly have healed, she is now to our delight with a family of 6 other cows on a safe property and will live out her life loved and well taken care of never will she be a dairy or beef cow.

Our first rescue!

All donations go directly to land, shelter, medical costs, food and fencing for the babies!


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